Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Famous Grouse

There is a grouse that now lives by a tree in my yard. If you are not familiar with the creature it is a chubby little bird that waddles when it walks and can barely fly. I usually am terrified of birds, but this one seemed all right. Usually I am worried they will attack me with their sharp claws and beaks, but this one looks like it would feel like getting hit with a soft cushion if it attacked.
At first I was cool with him hanging out by my tree. Then I discovered it was there trying to mate. I am sorry but my yard is not some seedy pick up joint for some chubby horny bird. This is not the type of riff-raff I need around when trying to establish a footie sanctuary. Or maybe it is. Or maybe I am just jealous.


senorita.blue said...

Hahahaha! Seedy pick up joint XD
Hey - consider yourself lucky not to have Kookaburras chatting in your backyard (their kooky noise is sooo loud), or trying to get inside by slamming their chubby bods and big beaks on your window :S

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