Monday, March 9, 2009

This week(end) in sports

Another week(end) of sports. And I am in no where near as good as a mood as I was last weekend. Okay, okay it was not that bad, I am still depressed about Real Madrid’s draw in the derby.


Yay Chelsea is through to the semi’s of the FA cup. Please, please let us get some sort of trophy this season!! We won 2-0. I did not watch the game because it was on at 6:30am, I did actually make a vague attempt to wake up for it, but my dog decided to sleep on my phone and I could not hear the alarm. So not much opinion on the game other than it is awesome the blues won!

I don’t even want to talk about what happened in Madrid. 1-1 against atletico. On the whole atletico played well, and we were lucky to get out of there with a point. Though I am remaining positive because we had a lot of good chances on goal. The new Dutchie, Klaas, is finally scoring some goals, and the goal he scored Saturday was off a BEAUTIFUL pass by Higuain. I am going to take a moment to profess my love of Gonzalo Higuain, he should have been on the field since the first minute of the game. He is a great finisher, but more importantly he is a frickin’ great play maker. When Gonzo is on the field I feel like RM’s game really picks up to another level. Even when we were struggling first half of the season he seemed to carry the team. A big task and hard to believe he is only 21. With Higuain up front and Gago holding down the midfield it makes me very optimistic for next season and the rest of this season. If these two stay on form and develop, they are going to do great things in the future, they both seem to be getting better and better. Okay done talking about my young Argentines. We are now SIX points off of Barca, it seems like a lot but I still have 108023804398% faith in the blancos to keep the trophy at the Bernabeau where it belongs!!!

Champions league games for both Chelsea and RM tomorrow. Chelsea is up a goal on Juve and RM down a goal against Liverpool. I am super nervous about both, especially RM. It would break my heart to see them knocked out of champions league, but even more so if it happens now because to put is simply I cannot stand Liverpool. I also desperately want to see Chelsea go through, I still have bad dreams about last years CL final.

I am sure I will be writing tomorrow either very happy or crying or a mix of the both. Oh well COME ON BLUES and HALA MADRID!!


The Zags won yet another WCC tournament. Once again we are conference and tournament champions!!! The final was tonight against St. Mary’s. If anyone watches the Zags, the ESPN announcers seem to tie ever win we had to a St. Mary’s player Patty Mills getting injured, whether we were playing them or not. I swear anytime he is around the ESPN guys strap on the clear heels and give him a lap dance (okay I can’t ENTIRELY blame them he is pretty hot and with accent). Now tonight we beat them, badly, in the WCC tournament, with Patty Mills and still they cant just give us credit for playing well. Okay, well they did a bit tonight, but I am still annoyed. March madness officially begins on Sunday, and I can’t wait, I just hope we do not get screwed again in the bracket, and can actually do something during the big dance.

Jack Bauer

Yeah I know it is not sports, but I wanted to put it in somewhere. If interrogation was an Olympic event Jack would totally win gold, silver, and bronze. This season of 24 is awesome just plain and simple awesome.


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