Wednesday, April 1, 2009


As some of you know, I am making a big effort to support the USA NT lately. I have been an England supporter for as long as I can remember, and my love of the three lions has not faded a bit, I am just trying to be more supportive of my own country. I also cheer for the Germans and occasionally France (if England is not around). I also have a transient love of the Spanish NT. I am not so much a fan of the Spanish team itself, but I am a huge fan of pretty much every player currently playing, with the exception of Xabi Alonso, so I cheer them on...and the same goes for Argentina. So I figured I should write a blog on some of the hotties on the USMNT.

I just have to start with my favorite, our fearless captain America-- Carlos Bocanegra. He plays for Rennes in France now, used to play for Fulham, and is always just too darn cute.
I am pretty sure I found this pick at The Offside

Another favorite is forward Brian Ching. He plays for Houston Dynamo, and I just discovered, after looking him up on wikipedia, that he used to play for Gonzaga. So he is a fellow Zag annnnd looks like this, need I say more.

I had never found Clint Dempsey particularly attractive, but for some reason I have been finding him cute lately. Though I am not ready to forgive him for scoring against Chelsea earlier this season, I am getting close. Oh and he plays for Fulham.

And Heath Pearce, another one who I am finding more and more attractive lately. I t hink he plays somewhere in Germany.

So there you go, the boys of the Red, White and Blue. I am now a supporter, unless they are playing England (bad I know).


Stephanie said...

Where is Benny Feilhaber? He is the next hottest after Boca!

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