Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A Okay so I have not updated in a while. But here are some of my ramblings on sports. Expect no reason or logic.

Quick Catch-up (mainly football stuff)
Blues won last weekend (YAY), Real Madrid won last weekend (YAY) I actually could not see any games, this whole giving up skipping church to watch sporting events for lent was a bad idea. I may cheat this week though, because I really want to watch Real Madrid.
I am not going to discuss anything involving Real Madrid and champions league in the same sentence. I am still sinking deep into a purple lake of despair after that Liverpool game. But Chelsea are through to the Quarter Finals of Champions League YAYYA GO BLUES!!! Of course yet again they draw Liverpool. If you have not picked up on this yet I hate Liverpool with about as much passion as anything can be hated. A fellow kickette commented the other day that this CL meeting of Chelsea and Liver (I am just calling them Liver from now on) is an annual event like the academy awards. Which it indeed is, especially considering the acting skills of the Liver boys. But whatev’s I ain’t worried…Chelsea got this COME ON BLUES! Oh my I am just dreaming about what it would be like if John Terry scored the winning goal when we make it to the final.

Football this week
Chelsea lost to f’ing Tottenham. UGH I hate the spurs as well, even though dear Carlo and uncle ‘arry are there now. It was depressing, and the only thing that kept me from turning into a Zoloft commercial was Man Utd today. All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA maybe mixed in with a little LOL or LMAO and some more HAHAHAHAHAHA they lost to Fulham 2-0 looking at the stats that wonderful London club outshot them like a billion to one. Not to mention TWO yes TWO Man Utd players got sent off with red cards. I did not actually watch the game because I was watching Chels of course, but I just watched the score and stats on espn and got some updates in chat with Chelsea girls, and my imagination did the rest. In my little fantasy world Vidic (aka Robo-Cop) may or may not have been crying with little sparks flying as happens when robots cry. Man, I can’t even think of anything else to say, just can’t stop laughing.

Oh almost forgot about golf. Tiger is back! Camilo did pretty well in tournament this weekend. Michelson won. Sergio sucked it up. I was also glad to see that yummy brit Oliver Wilson playing here again, he did pretty good too.

Here is the big one I FRICKIN LOOOOVE MARCH!!! In the words of the great Dick Vitale AWESOME BABY!! Zags are through to the second round!!!! The first game against Akron. The first half was a nail biter as usual, but then the Zags kicked it into gear and made it hurt. I am still loving Matt Bouldin more than anything. I seriously want to have his babies, lots of curly haired crazy eyed lovely armed babies who will grow up to be future Zags players. Okay done with being creepy. Otherwise the tournament is going as usual with all its awesomeness, some good upsets, lots of games going as planned etc. There are people who can give much more insight into this who are not as lazy as I am. Right now I am just waiting for the Zags game tonight. Playing Western Kentucky….I wonder if anyone on their team plays the banjo? Anyways, I know somewhere in the next few games the Zags always get knocked out of the tourney, and I cry. But fuck it, I am just going to say it: GONZAGA TO THE FINAL FOUR BABY!!!, I mean gotta happen some year right? Please?!!
As usual, no matter how much thought and research or even random guessing goes into my brackets, they are absolutely awful as usual.


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