Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fear of Deer

I am still pretty sure the deer in my yard want to eat me. I started feeding them early in the winter because I liked looking at them when they came in the yard. I named them after football players, there was the one with the big ears I called Iker and the little feisty one I named Lionel. There were many others as well. I stopped feeding them a week or two ago because it is spring and they can find their own food, also my yard has turned into a giant puddle as the many feet of snow is melting and I cant get to the deer feeding spot. Now they all just sit around the tree I used to put their food by and look at me in my living room, and just watch…it is pretty frickin creepy. One licked its lips will staring at me creepily. I will use caution when going outside. This is not entirely based on my own paranoia, I do have a history of getting attacked by animals. I did notice a chubby little grouse coming into the yard lately, I call him Fabio, I normally don’t trust birds, but he looks pretty cool.



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