Thursday, March 12, 2009

There are few things that will get me out of the house on a Saturday morning/afternoon. If that Saturday is one that has the Zags, Real Madrid, and Chelsea all playing then it is damn near impossible. However, when my mom came to me and said she wanted to go to a charity event involving people jumping in a frozen lake I just could not say no. Partly because I like helping poor people and what not, but it was mainly because I knew the day would involve at least 3 of my 5 favorite things—people watching in large crowds, drinking during the day time, and festive costumes. So I get up early, so I could be to the bar by 10:30 to help the people we knew actually jumping in the lake to assemble their costumes, and more importantly to enjoy a delicious bloody mary or three. I of course was not jumping in the lake myself, I need a few more years after living in Louisiana for that to seem like a good idea. So really I did not need to drink that early, but who am I to say no to peer pressure.

Anyone who has ever lived in Minnesota or other cold locations, know that us people from the frozen lands just love to cut holes into frozen lakes and stick things in them. Usually it is a line from an ice fishing pole, but occasionally people like to jump into the lake. On occasion of such wacky actions of course call for wacky costumes and lots of alcohol. As I said above, two of my favorite things ever.
Here is my attempt at an arty picture post jump (the guys you see in the water are rescue people who were sitting in there for a while)

Here is a whole bunch of snowmobiles, because well it is a lot easier to get to the bars on lovely Lake Vermilion by snowmobile or “sled” as they call them ‘round these parts.
The lake itself is super pretty, more so in the summer, but even in the winter. This is me standing on a dock on the lake.

All in all it was a fun day. Of course the day of drinking led into a night of drinking, and we all know hilarity usually ensues when I start drinking before noon. It was good to unwind in my first post bar-exam weekend (this was all last weekend) and now I am content not going anywhere for the next month or so.

Related note—In case you were wondering my two other favorite things are—1) watching/talking about sports 2) foreign men


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