Friday, March 27, 2009


I love mascots for food. Count chocula, the Cadbury bunny, Cap’n crunch, The hamburgler, Jared from subway, The trix bunny, Tucan sam, snap, crackle and pop …I could go on forever. However there is a breed of food mascot that I just don’t like when the mascot is the food itself. M&M’s, the tuna on star kist tuna, peeps, the chips a-hoy cookies and so on. I don’t like thinking I am eating the character that made me giggle on the commercial on tv.

I am sure many have seen the recent m&m commercial where the m&ms are in the grocery store and one says “ooh look we are on the guest list” and the other says “no that is the menu” and then they looked all sad. That does not make me want to eat m&m’s that makes me want to start a foundation to stop the cruel treatment of candied creatures that melt in your mouth not in your hand. Same thing goes for the chip’s a-hoy cookies…in one commercial they were driving and singing it is not right to eat something that drives and sings. And Mr. Peanut? He is like the classiest mofo out there, you can’t eat him that would be like eating the dude from monopoly or some English Duke. Just not right, not right at all.


On the other hand food mascots like count chocula and cap’n crunch are just awesome. You could sail the high seas with the cap’n and enjoy his cereal along the way. You could go on a crime spree with the hamburgler, get chased by a mob of children with the trix bunny while he plots to get his precious cereal back. But you would never eat your treat providing comrades, and if you did, well you would be put in food jail.

So next time those advertising fascists want you to eat the creature you just enjoyed watching on tv just say no.



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