Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creed Thoughts

Here are somethings I was thinking about today that you probably did not want to know.

I hope you got the reference to "The Office" in the header

I am convinced 24 is the most awesome show ever made, and Jack Bauer is the coolest/sexiest man ever. If you have not been watching this season you should, it’s awesome.

Glaze doughnuts and iPhones do not mix.

Do you ever watch those shows about the apocalypse on the History channel? I do. I mean you never know, right? Anyways, I am fascinated when they have the experts on. There is always some guy who knows more than anyone reasonably should about something like the meaning of the third horseman’s hat. It makes me wonder, what event in their life prompted them to become an expert in something completely random. There seems to be turning points in everyone’s lives that lead to an interest in things. Like various events in my life have resulted in me really wanting to stop and eat every time I see a white castle. I just wonder what event in their life led them in the direction to be an expert in apocalyptic prophecy. I also wonder where I can find one of their phone numbers. They seem like a useful friend to have around, you know, if they are right and the world is ending soon.

Do you ever find yourself liking a song you really wish you did not like? Right now I can’t stop listening to Britney Spears “Circus.” Though watching her life is an amusing glimpse in to the crystal ball of the future of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

I love watching reruns of the show wife swap on lifetime network. I am also fully aware of all the things wrong with that statement.

I used to feed the animals in my yard because I thought they were cute. I still think they are cute, but in the back of my mind I secretly wonder if I stop feeding them will the try and eat me instead.


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