Friday, March 6, 2009


This is an idea I have had stirring in my brain since I discovered men’s water polo this summer at the Olympics. It came to my mind again after watching part of round two of the Honda Classic (golf), I decided there really needs to be a sports network more geared towards women. I am not talking about showing women’s sports, I am talking about making one for women viewers.

For instance I am pretty new to watching golf, I enjoy it, it is relaxing to watch. I also love a few certain hottie golfers e.g. Camilo Villegas, Sergio Garcia, Oliver Wilson, Adam Scott, etc. Now even in good golf coverage they usually only show the leaders of the day. I had a good time watching on Thursday because Sergio was up at the top of the leaderboard most of the day so there was definitely a lot of sexy Spaniard on the TV. Then today he does not have such a good round, and bam he is gone. Camilo has not done well at all so far, so he is barely seen as well. Now the golf channel I am certain is geared 125% towards men. I know this fact with certainty because almost every commercial is about some sort of erectile dysfunction, I mean one commercial break has more ED commercials than anyone should ever ever ever ever see in a lifetime. Now if there was a network geared towards me, I mean women, the coverage would be a bit different. Of course you show the guys who are leading I do like watching good golf being played. But also give a little air time to the lawn crawler in tight pants bending his body in intriguing ways to scope out a put.

Don’t get me wrong I do actually watch sports for the game itself. I can tell you most anything about football, tennis, college basketball, and a bit about golf. I also know and am interested in other things though. Like a certain goal keeper who remains hot even though he is going through some questionable haircuts. A certain French midfielder who likes to strip down after games to his little briefs…and proceed to jog (sigh). Or a certain tennis player with a wonderful left arm that I now cheer for a little less since he started wearing sleeves. The camera men on these male oriented networks do a great job of covering the action of games, however they just do not know where to point the cameras in post game celebrations and jersey swapping. I think there is a market here, because I know many other girls out there who think just like me!

Bonus star and proud pat on the head for anyone who can name my referenced athletes in the last paragraph.


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