Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Singing in the Rain

I promise I will write about something other than football soon!

But for now I watched the Chelsea v. Pompey game today. I really do love when games are played in the rain and mud. It just makes the beautiful game that much more beautiful. I know I am a little crazy, but I still believe with 100% of my little heart that the Blues can win the title. I know it seems like a pretty long of a shot, considering Man Utd has a 7 point lead on us with a game in hand. Then again, all I have heard for the past few months is that Barcelona had La Liga wrapped up with a pretty little bow and cherry on top, but now that does not seem to be the case. So I am staying optimistic as I like to do, and going to firmly believe we can win the title until it is in United’s annoying little hands.

Okay I suppose I should talk about the game that was actually played today. I will sum up each half as I watch.

First half: The whole time I was yelling “will you get the ball in the back of the f’ing net already?!?!” basically a lot of chances, nothing yet to come of them. Most notably a few firecracker from Lamps that was saved. There were some great saves from Pumpkin Pete as well. 0-0 at end of half. COME ON BLUES!

Second half: Chelsea pass the ball a lot. Ricardo Quaresma comes on the field (first game I actually get to watch him play) He is another source I am directing my optimism at, I really hope he does well at Chelsea. I swear it has nothing at all to do with his abs, nothing whatsoever, I base every bit of my thoughts on sports solely on the game itself. RQ makes a few good passes that should have resulted in goals, but didn’t. GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL DROGBA!!! Beautiful finish there. YAY 1-0 final. Oh I have been missing the days of Chelsea scraping out 1-0 dirty wins, the days when we were winning trophies.

Yay!! Essien and Carvalho will be back in action soon, it has been tooooo long since I have seen my balding Portuguese love helping hold down the back line.

On a related note--I have a list of famous people I want to sit down drink a few pints with and have a deep drunken conversation. David James is on that list. In case you were wondering it is a long list, and a few of the others that come to mind right now are Charles Barkley, Plato, Winston Churchill, and Kid Rock.


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