Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She who cast the first stone

It was a frosty January day, about a month before the bar exam. I needed a change of study scenery, I was sick of my house, and sick of my usual coffee shop. I ventured into “downtown” and found a lovely little coffee shop, it had big tables, bagels, and wireless internet. This was the perfect establishment, or so I thought. After a few hours of vigorous work on con law I decided I need a break. So I fired up the old mac and went to my favorite website, kickette. As some of you know (I think a few kickettes may even be reading this) this is an awesome website of football gossip, and lots of girls talking about our favorite things, football and hot footballers. On this day there was a wonderful little story on the main page, it had pictures of the new David Beckham Armani ads. I hope you are familiar with these ads, they basically involve becks in virtually no clothing looking hotty bombastic.
See example:

Splash news via Kickette

Now this is just what I needed on this long day of studying. Say what you will about becks, I wont get into my opinion on his playing, and I am bored to death of the will-he-wont-he Milan saga. However, when it comes down to it, stick that man in a pair of undies and he’s still got it goin’ on.

Anyways, I am sitting on my well deserved break admiring the above photo, then I notice the lady cleaning the tables behind me gasp. Now I gasped in the “damn it’s getting hot in here” way when I saw this picture, nope she gasped in a, gasp, judgmental way. She was actually judging me for looking at mr. golden balls barely covered golden balls (I know that was terrible I could not resist, sorry!). I turned around and saw the look on her face that accompanied the gasp, it was full of disapproval and judgment. The look on my face was initially one of confusion, trying to understand this moment that pulled me out of my happy place, and it quickly switched to a judgmental look of my own. I judged her for not enjoying this photo. I mean how could you not. I knew then and there I would never come back to this establishment, it clearly was not staffed by my kind of people. I am still baffled by this women and her moment of judgment. I honestly think her vagina should be revoked, yup I did just say that.


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