Saturday, March 21, 2009

My ode to Freddy

Let me begin this post by saying I know virtually nothing about cars, and do not especially care to. But I do love my car, and I figured it needed a little blog time. My car is named either Freddy the Focus Road Warrior. Or simply Freddy. He is a 2002 Ford Focus and just about the cutest car on the planet. White with black trim, and grey interior. I really hope I don’t have a stalker on this blog, because I can see giving out that information leading to a bad episode of law and order.

The other day I was driving the long drive to St. Paul (a few hours) and I love road trips, even mini-ones like that. I have my music blasting and have a good time. Every time I see a fellow focus on the road I give my focus driving brother a fist pump in solidarity that would make Lech Walensa proud. So this is dedicated to my Focus loving peeps.

Anyways I got Freddy a little over a year ago. I also loved the car I had before him, a hand-me-down 1994 Bonneville named Bonnie. Bonnie was getting old and beyond repair, so I sent him out to pasture, okay well donated him to charity, same thing. Anyways I needed a new car, that would start and drove etc which Bonnie no longer did. I drove around creepy used car lots in New Orleans, since I did not have much money, so needed something cheap. Then I saw my dream car staring at me from some especially creepy lot. For as long as I can remember I wanted a Focus, and there was Freddy. Pretty low millage, looked in good shape ran well the many times I drove him and was perfectly in my price range. I knew it was fate. After some debate, and talking to people, I knew in my heart that Freddy was for me. I then purchased my first car, and drove him around town for a while.

Here I am about 18 months later, and my and Freddy are still going strong. We adventured from one send of the Mississippi river all the way to the other end (I literally went from a few miles from the bottom of the Mississippi to a few miles from the top). He survived his first Minnesota winter in style. Struggled on a few of the super cold days , but also stepped up and helped start a few other cars. People always rip on Ford for being bad cars, but they can screw themselves, I think my Focus is awesome. Some of the coolest people I know also drive focuses with pride (my dad and best friend to name a few).

So to all the Ford hating car snobs out there…


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