Monday, March 23, 2009

Step one: You cut a hole in a box

I rediscovered my love of boxed wine, and wine in general. Believe me I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the beverage, well at least well more than the average person, I even sold wine for a while. The name of my blog is actually taken from a tasty little Australian number made by molly dooker (it is not available in a box unfortunately). However, I still highly enjoy the convenience of boxed wine. There are some decent everyday ones out there…unfortunately not in northern Minnesota, but that does not mean there are not some good ones out there. Here are a few reasons why boxed wine is awesome.
· 1) It stays good for weeks so you can have one glass at a time. If you are single like me and enjoy having a glass (or three) of wine, like to drink alone in a dark closet (j/K) and are sick of being judged for drinking the whole bottle by yourself it is a great option.
· 2) A box is equivalent to four bottles and usually around $20 (for a decent one) that is $5 a bottle my friends.
· 3) Good to have around for cooking, if you use wine for cooking. Though my cooking involves wine, it is more in the form of drinking a few too many glasses and then making ramen noodles and/or a pop tart.
· 4) The right box can fit inconspicuously on any bookshelf. I had one throughout much of my senior year of college I continuously replaced but always had a post-it on it that read “Chateau Heidegger appellation Dasein”. (yes I realize Heidegger was German and I am using French wine terms, and the name makes no sense).

5) Sometimes you just gotta Keep it class yo.






LaurenSoliz said...

I saw a girl leaving the grocery store the other day with a big box of wine and I totally thought about you!

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