Thursday, March 5, 2009

The (man) meat locker

In honor of the WCC tournament this weekend I figured I would share a story of Gonzaga cheering past that took place between me and a dear friend. It was the year after we graduated, and we were watching one of the best Zags season to date. A man known only in my heart as “the ‘stache” was taking the country by storm and things were looking like they were going to shape up to be our best tournament performance ever. Of course the season ended as it always does with me drunk and crying in some bar as I watch my team lose a game they never should have lost.

Anyways, as I was saying, a few years back I was talking with a friend while watching the zags play. During this season a player named J.P. Batista was one of our other top players. As watching the game and the bulky muscly Brazilian go up for a shot or rebound or some sort of basketball move and one of us made the comment “wow he is like man-meat.” At that moment one of my favorite words was born-- “manmeat”, and my fascination with male athletes really kicked into high gear. So from time to time I am sure I will be posting pictures and what not of my favorite hunks of manmeat, I think I may have already. Here are a few to start things off, because a little objectification never hurt anyone, right?

Fernando Gago (Real Madrid/Argentina): my favorite manmeat!
Camilo Villegas (golf): bendy manmeat
Yoann Gourcuff (Bourdeaux/France): bambi manmeat
Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid/Italy): finely aged Italian manmeat
I found all the pics on google or, cannot remember original sources.

On a slightly related note: The lovely Fabio won fan favorite on Top Chef and I was reminded of a quote of his that I kind of live my life by. “Everything tastes better with an accent.”


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