Monday, March 2, 2009

Men at Work

Now, it seems to be a consensus around the world that Australia is a pretty cool place. I have never been and definitely would not mind going. Unfortunately my knowledge of the place is mainly derived from my own fantasies of surfers with accents, Jay from “The City”, and the 80’s classic “Land Down Under.” Then today I discovered yet another reason to want to visit Australia, kangaroos! In case you were wondering I have always wanted a pet kangaroo, I would train it to bring me snacks and diet sodas in its pouch.

I was familiar with the creature, even saw one hopping around the Gonzaga campus (I am serious, a real kangaroo). I knew they lived in Australia and looked something like this.

I always figured that they were pretty rare, as most cool animals seem to be. That was until this morning, when I learned something new. I saw on a morning talk show, which I watched for about 5 minutes (I will discuss my feelings on morning talk shows at a later time) that there are twice as many kangaroos as people in Australia. That is just awesome. Now with the chances of a kangaroo encounter seeming much more likely, the land down under is moving to the top of the list of places I want to visit.

Related note, another wonderful export of Australia—Golfer Adam Scott: Manmeat with a side of vegemite.

Song of the day: Men at Work “Land Down Under”
Why: A classic is a classic

1 comments: said...

Ooohh you really should come visit the land Down Under!

One problem though... Oztimezone is seriously not soccer-friendly.
Waking up in wee early hours in the morning is serious torture.

But on the bright side, you could probably continue the day with jogging around the Harbour Bridge / Sydney Opera House :D
Then if you're keen - have a toast with vegemite... ick ick ick.
You wouldn't want to smear that on Adam Scott - really.

Also - there's a funny talkshow in Oz, called Rove.
Here's the link if you want to take a peek :D
Click for Rove

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