Saturday, March 28, 2009

This weekend in sports

First off not going to talk about basketball, still depressed and a nice Zags dedicated post is coming soon.

Golf- Arnold Palmer tourney is going on. No Camilo or Sergio so my interest is fairly limited. Tiger (or le tigre as I like to call him) is playing, and playing well, finished as of Saturday….waiting to see what happens on Sunday. I am starting to get a bit of a crush on Le Tigre, I don't know maybe it is the same effect Roger Federer has on me, hmmm. Masters is coming up soon woohooo!! *imagines Camilo in green jacket*

Football- Lots of world cup qualifiers, and a few friendlies. England seemed to dominate in their friendly, I did not want to cough up the $20 to get it on PPV and since I have dial up I am waiting until I can get into town and get on real internet and watch some replays. Sounds like my Chelsea boys, esp JT and Frankie did well.

Spain beat Turkey and looked ridiculously hot doing so as well. I must give a special shout out to my Blancos Iker and Ramos who just looked wow, not to mention both played incredible (especially el Ramos in his bright yellow boots). And I found yet another Spanish cutie who is way too young for me, Mata. I have noticed him before with Valencia but never knew his name, but now I do. Turkey’s keeper, Demeril is pretty frickin hot, but compared to Iker in an armband and el Ramos flashing a bit of his abs he barely registered for me this time around. The clock work orange also won, not particularly a fan (same with Spain) but there are a lot of Blancos playing for them, and Hunty scored a goal, and Robben took a great corner that also turned into a goal. Lots of other games, some teams won, some lost….Right now I am just not so patiently awaiting the England qualifier on weds. Oh yeah and Ballack scored for Germany, it was a beauty goal…now if he would only do the for Chelsea.

Right now I am watching US v. El Salvador. I have never cheered against the US or anything, but England has always been my team. I got into the sport watching England in the Eurocup when I was in high school, so the lions will always have a huge spot in my heart. But now I am making a big effort to cheer on the US national team as well, going with the national pride an all. Having eye-candy like captain Bocanegra definitely does not hurt, I am also starting to think Brian Ching is pretty hot too. Watching this game I have huge respect for our boys in the red, white, and blue. The boys were down 2-0 and then came back and tied 2-2, this turned out to be a great game to watch, and I had a ton of fun screaming at my tv. I am having a total loving of the USA team right now. Pretty much every El Salavdor player took a dive and stayed down beyond what they could reasonably milk in the second half. C-Ron himself would have even been saying, “come on get your ass off the ground pansy.” Those El Salvador fans look scary, it must take some serious marbles to play in front of fans like that. I may even attempt to get into MLS this year, I am in the market for a team to cheer for….if you have any suggestions feel free to try and convince me.

On another note, I am trying to figure out how to cheer for the US….do I say Come on USA? or Go USA? or just chant loudly USA! USA! USA! ? hmmmm does anyone know?


LoveLamps said...

No idea how to cheer for the USMNT, but am officially now a fan after that game (well that and Johnna's threatening posts on my blog). England will always be #1 in my heart, but I have other NTs of love - Espana, Romania, Republic of Ireland (must get over Robbie Keane madness!) and now the U.S.

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