Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cease Fire

I am debating on temporarily lifting my personal boycott of Top Chef to watch the reunion show tonight. As some of you may know, I went on a boycott of the show when my delicious Italian Fabio was kicked off before the final. I said I was going to boycott the show if he did not win, and I intend to stand by it. I know breaking the boycott tonight will mean I only skipped one show, but the principle is still there. I also still plan on boycotting next season unless they give me another wonderfully accented European man with awesome one liners that make me sigh and giggle all at once as a contestant. I figure I should watch tonight though and hope Mr. Fabio wins fan favorite.

I am also still working on my thoughts on the new U2 album. So far I really like It, spent most of last night listening to it and playing wii (best night I have had in months sadly, darn bar exam). The song I cannot stop listening to is “Moment of Surrender.” I highly recommend it, and will write more on it after I have given it a few more listens.

Song of the day: U2, “Moment of Surrender”
Why: I love it when Bono tries to be St. Augustine


germangirl032 said...

Here is a comment... tell bono to go save some children and take off your sunglasses its not that bright!

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