Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My love of euro-trash has officially creeped into my dreams. I feel it is necessary to share a bit of information about myself in order to explain a dream I had the other night, and this post in general. I have a thing for euro-trash men, and I do enjoy man-bags, man-purses whatever you wish to call them. Some notable carriers of the man bag include: Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, and last but not least Cristiano Ronaldo*. Even though I am by no means a Man Utd fan I still own the Cristiano Ronaldo calendar, it hangs on a wall by my bed. I know there are a million things wrong about that last sentence, but I am not ashamed. Cristiano is plain and simple hotty boom boom-bastic. The man is a prime example of deliciously marinated in hair-gel manmeat. See how nicely that jersey clings to him, SEEEEE, you cannot deny that, sorry. Oh how I love the rain.


Source: kickette? That is where I found it.
I am also patiently awaiting my French love Mr. Lashes Gourcuff to appear in some sort of photo carrying one, preferably with a baguette sticking out of it.

Now that background is established, on to my dream. I was somewhere I think a coffee shop or bar or something like that chatting with a nice young man. He was debating on if he wanted to buy a carrying device that resembled a man-bag and I strongly advocated the purchase. Since my dreams are often fuzzy and I have a horribly memory I cannot remember the arguments I used to convince him, so I spent the past few days thinking of good reasons to carry a man-bag.

1. Where else are you going to put your things?
2. Some people may call you a “sissy” or “girly” for carrying one, but I think it is extra manly. I mean it takes a bit of a “I don’t give a flip, I know I am hot” or maybe a "I am super european" attitude to rock the man purse
3. I just really like purses of any sort.

I am sure there are many other reasons to carry a man-bag, and I will post them time to time. But for now I am going to say it with pride I FRICKIN’ LOVE MAN-BAGS, and the wonderful euro-trash men who carry them.

*Clarification: I don’t place Cristiano above San Iker or el Ramos on hottness, just fit better into the story. There are very few that come close to those two in my heart. Few if any can compare to Iker and his keeper gloves and armband with spain. And can never get enough of Ramos and his euro-trash man bag toting glory.


Anonymous said...

And still more reason to consider a man bag
#4 It matches my prada lofers?
#5 Where else will I carry my hair product to keep my locks extra euro trash delicious.
#6 My pants are too tight to carry my wallet and shiny lip gloss in the pockets?
#7 I secretly carry my good shoes in the Man-bag and then switch when I get to the office
#8 I'm secretly carrying my wife's shiny lip gloss, shoes, makeup, cell phone, pen, advil...etc so that she can look low maintenance and carry a tiny clutch.
#9 chicks dig a man with a man bag
#10 Men dig a man with a man bag?

giggle pop said...

You have added 7 reasons affirming why you are my best friend.

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