Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you build it, they will come

It all started during a long cold winter. I was studying for the bar, and my only salvation was staring out into my yard when I would allow myself a break and imagining it was filled with Real Madrid and Chelsea players running around. I put out corn by a tree, and deer would come in and eat it. Then my mind started putting things together…if I could lure a dear to my yard with some corn what would it take to lure some footballers to the yard.
I live on a large wooded piece of land in the middle of no where in Minnesota, and I decided this would be the perfect sanctuary/retreat for injured, worn out, or bored ballers or a place to keep cute ones that need to stop scoring goals against teams I like or just ones named Fernando Gago.

mmmmmmmmm Gago

Sorry drifted off to Gago land for a minute. Anyways where else would be better for a baller to recollect themselves for any reason they see fit, than in a relaxing area far from civilization and in the care of a loving Kickette. I am sure it will get overwhelming for me so volunteers to help care for the ballers would be appreciated (just stay away from my favorite Argentine, he is all mine).
Okay so this turned into an I love Gago post, and I lost my train of thought. I am still working on a name for this retreat, and also working out the details. Any suggestions would be appreciated and incorporated into my thought process. I figured this is something too good to put in one post anyways, so it will be on going project. In the mean time I am going to go hang some manbags with “el Ramos” bedazzled on them and some fancy hair products from my trees in hopes of luring Sergio Ramos and Fernando Gago here to get things rolling.


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