Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay so many things to write about from this weekend...and I will get to them eventually. Most of the day I have been a bit of a teary blubbering mess, and will get around to writing about the following eventually...

1. My Blues won the FA CUP!!! Soooo beyond proud of you boys
2. La Liga ended today :-( RM lost, but my pet team I wanted to avoid relegation (osasuna) stayed up.
3. Serie A ended today...Inter won, Yay! more on my Serie A adventure this season to come
4. Both Maldini and Figo played their last professional games today. So sad, both such amazing players.
5. Last but not least...Rafa was knocked out of the French Open today, by some sweedish punk whose name I wont even say. Happy roger has a real chance to get his career grand slam at last. But rafa, poor rafa, sooooo sad for him. Rafa IS roland garros.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am sitting here, glass of wine in hand watching the replay of the Barcelona v. Manchester Untied Champions League final. This was a beautifully played match NO thanks at all to ManU, it was all Barca today. I have spent the day being the most avid Barcelona supporter I can be...for one day only. It is a rare sight seeing a Madridista cheering her heart out for the blaugranna, but I did it today. I am also a die-hard Chelsea fan, and did not think I could cheer for a team after the way Barca beat us to get into the final but here I am and feel like I should explain why.

I mean there is the obvious reason, being a Chelsea supporter and reasonable human being, I hate Manchester United. Not just because they are our league rivals, looking at the current squad it is filled with a lot of unlikeable players. Most of their players would barely be above average if they did not have the puppet master Fergie in charge. Not to mention it is pretty hard if not impossible for me to like players like Ronaldo, Berbatov, Vidic, etc. Mine opinion of course and so I am sure some disagree. Anyways this post is not about why I hate ManU, but that was a factor in my cheering for Barca.

While hating ManU explains me wanting Barca to win, it does not explain why I really really wanted them to win and why I was cheering for them almost (and I mean almost) like I was watching one of my teams out there. When it comes down to it there is a ridiculous amount of arrogance surrounding the EPL and the “English style” of play. It may win games in tournaments but it sucks to watch. Because it works well in tournaments people use it as justification that the English style is best and the EPL is superior to the other leagues. However, I feel like if you took even some of the best English teams and dropped them in to La Liga or Serie A they would be struggling a bit day in and day out. While they may do well being great teams it would not be sheer dominance that people seem to award them automatically. So when I was cheering for Barca today I was cheering for the beautiful game, La Liga, and Serie A.

On one hand I sit and watch Barca and think they should not be there and am gutted at the thought Chelsea is not. But as I have said before I don’t blame Barca or think they cheated or anything like that for how that game ended. I blame that d-bag of a useless man they called a ref and UEFA, but not Barca. Also as I have said before if Chelsea was going to get fucked at least it was for a team that can represent the beautiful game well. In the past few weeks I kept hearing bullshit comments like “well Barcelona can score a bunch of goals in La Liga but they can’t do it against a real strong English defense.” Well Chelsea’s incredible defense could hold them, and I take a small bit of solace in this watching the game today. As a Chelsea fan it makes me feel a little fuzzy inside knowing that my boys in Blue were able to contain Barca heroically and seemingly effortlessly and Man Utd was not only unable to do this but they were also embarrassed when they tried to. And yes it still hurts like a bitch knowing how well Chelsea played and knowing they should be there.

And the last reason…as much as I dislike Barcelona and always will, the current squad has some class players. Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta are just incredible and players I cannot help but have a lot of respect for them. Especially the later two they get out there and get the job done and done amazingly well…exceptional talent carried out with class is hard to come by. If you need proof look at Ronaldo, got the talent and no class. And let’s not forget the fuzzy heart warming comments of Pep dedicating the victory to Maldini.

For some people who seem to think me, and a lot others are bandwagon Barcelona fans because of today or just cheering for them because of some cute players that is far from the case. I know I was cheering for a lot more a lot more than Barca today and cheering against a lot more than ManU. I have no problems with anyone’s alliances in this game no matter what the reasons but this is why mine were what they were.

Oh yeah and man of the match Xavi does make me think dirty things…
*dries off spiky-haired pint sized Spanish ball of sex and places him back in pocket*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am working on some reflections on the whole season for Real Madrid…well one for each league so I will keep myself from getting too gushy here.

Okay well I am going to get a little gushy here, I finally just watched this weeks game and it was Canna’s last game at the Bernabeau. I am going to miss that Italian. Not only am I going to miss his adorable overly happy smile, perfect shiny head, and peach of an ass that I want to bounce things off of. I think he was our strongest defender and brought a lot of class and experience to our defense. I know he was getting a bit old, but I think had another season in him, but witth politics at the club he is on his way back to Juventus. Best of luck back in Italy, you know I will be watching you sex up the Serie A even more in the black and white. It has been a great few seasons and you will be missed. With Canna gone our back line got a lot more unreliable. Mr. Perez pleaaaase get us some new defenders, really really good ones! Also Real Madrid just lost a lot of hot, good thing they have more than enough to go around. Iker may just have to step it up a little.
On a random other note, I am pretty sure he tastes like pasta.
I like to imagine Iker is crying at Canna leaving in this last pic, but I think his nose just itched

I keep hearing all these rumors about transfers this summer, it is all part of being a Madridista. There is one that pisses me off though, I keep hear Higuain is out the door to make way for big names. Ummmm bad idea, little Pipita is our best/most reliable player this season! He did not show up in every game, but he did show up when it counted a hell of a lot more than ANYONE else on the team.
He is young and has a ton of potential. I cannot even put into words how much this adorable little argie has grown this season. I think he should be a starter this next season and then swap out Raul/Hunty/Ruud. Gonzo is a playmaker the others are strong finishers and I think that is the best combo. Granted I think if a striker is going to go it should be one of the later three. Of course you cannot sell Raul, he is a legend and lives and breaths Real Madrid and more iconic than the RM crest itself. So that leaves Hunty and Ruud. As much as I love Ruud he is getting up there in years and been out for a season, so I say get some money off of selling his name and trust in the remaining three for at least another season.
While a player like Villa would be great, they last thing our team needs is another striker. This season the boys had no problem scoring goals, they just let too many in. What I am getting at is there are two players on the team we cannot lose this summer and they are Gonzo and Iker. We all know Iker is not going anywhere, and I am pretty much ready to fight anyone who even jokes he should. It would be like me suggesting Frank Lampard and John Terry go to Madrid, it is just wrong and mean. So Mr. Perez hold onto to Pipita, and I am pretty sure he is happy as a clam in the white kit…so just don’t do something stupid like sell him. Oh and Maradonna when is he finally getting the NT call up he deserves?!?!

Real Madrid's front line of the future? Fine by me.

Much more on my thoughts on the season, the rest of the team, and potential summer transfers coming up in the next few weeks as I get over my initial end of the season depression.
All pictures from daylife

Monday, May 25, 2009

French Open: Round One

Round One- The first two days

I missed most of the first day because I had some stuff to do, but I did catch most of Gilles Simon’s match. In every grand slam I usually pick my longshot I cheer for. I have been eying up Gilles for about a year now, and I really like this French cutie-pie’s playing style, I also have been turning into quite the francophile as of late (I blame Mr. Lashes) and I want to see this kid do well. He is 24 and from France, I like seeing hometown boys do well in tournaments in their country.
I have not seen Rafa play, but he won his first round match. Vamos my sexy little Spaniard. While I was not able to watch the match I have seen pictures, holy pastel colors Rafa! Looking good babe, but ditch the sleeves, your poor arm muscles look so constrained, let those babies breathe!
I was able to watch Roger this morning, he played well and one in straight sets. Roger was not playing his awe inspiring tennis, but it usually takes him a few rounds to really hit his magical stride. As much as I would like to see Rafa win the Grand Slam this year, I decided Rog is definitely my man in this tournament. I know it is a long shot, but I am still holding out to see the Swiss Maestro win at Roland Garros. I don’t know how to say GOOOO in Swiss-German so I am going with a good old fashion COME ON ROGER!!!
I also saw Andy Roddick’s match today. He was also playing quite well considering clay has never been his strongest surface. I will always have a soft spot for Andy Roddick, I mean got to cheer for the American boys and would like to see Andy do well this year.
There are some more matches tomorrow, I will hopefully be updating every few days and hopefully be able to watch a lot of the matches.

And some extra Federer pics because he is looking yummy!
All pictures from daylife.

I am still not entirely sold on this weeks monday manmeat, he is no Roger or Rafa, but who is and he has potential. I figured with the French Open going on I would stick with tennis hotties for a while. This man is Juan Martin del Portro. He is 20, 6ft6in tall, and an Argentine. You all know my love for the argie athletes so I am intrigued by this man. Yes he is quite young and I am aware he is below my cut off oggling age (which is 21) but there is something about this super tall argie that usually results in my inner cougar sitting in front of the t.v. panting when he is on the court.

and has had some questionable hair choices (that he has been sorting out)...

He has a lot of potential as both a player and as a hottie, I mean well he is an argie. He finished in the quarter finals of the Aussie Open and US Open as well as winning a handful of other titles.

Best of luck in the French Open Mr. del Potro!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A while ago someone asked me to explain when I meant by “that horse at Mardi Gras” when referring to being attacked by animals. I figured telling this story would give you, my readers, a deeper insight into just who I am. So here it is, the story of how I almost got into a fight with a horse. Really I was defending myself so it is the story of how a horse attacked me and I almost fought back.

Let’s go back a few years, it was my first year of law school in New Orleans, and it was my first Mardi Gras. I figure I should explain the few days leading up to the equestrian encounter so you can understand just how I ended up wanting to fight a horse. It was Friday afternoon and a girl I did not know all to well yet, let’s call her Miss Jaco, gave me a call and asked me to go to a parade. Wanting to get in on this whole Mardi Gras thing, and never one to pass down drinking on a street I of course said yes. I get picked up by Miss Jaco, another friend who I will call “Limbo” and Miss Jaco’s boyfriend at the time, lets call him “Freddy.” We all head to the parades giant daiquiris (with extra shot) in hand, and start jumping up and down trying to catch beads and other cheap plastic doo-dads which I had no problem pushing children, bitches, and old people out of the way to get.

I learned after that first parade, I frickin’ LOOOVE Mardi Gras. It involves many of my favorite things: festive costumes, cheap toys, colorful things, drinking on the street, large drunken crowds, endless walking, and just general inappropriate behavior. Now most people from New Orleans hang out on the parade routs in neighborhoods, there is lots and lots of partying and not really any of that flashing stuff, thankfully. After the parades ended our little group wandered to one of our many favorite watering holes F&M’s patio bar. If you have never been to New Orleans or never wandered off of Bourbon Street on your visit let me explain F&M’s to you. We would often refer to it as “the black hole.” It looks just as sketchy inside as it does outside…and that is pretty damn sketchy. It is unwise to show up before 1am, and unheard of to show up before midnight. If you go in, it is a miracle if you get out before 6am, if you leave there before 6am it will only be to go to an even sketchier bar that will be open even later. It also has the most incredible cheese fries, they may be the single best drunken food on the planet, they are magical. We stayed there until god knows when, and I luckily ended up in my bed.

I wake up a few hours later, parades start early on Saturday, and we had to get there plenty early to get a good spot. So this day it was just me, Miss Jaco, and Freddy. We get our giant daiquiris, load up the cooler and head out. Spend the day at parades, wander various bars and then decide to go to a friend’s apartment, let’s call him “tool bag” in the warehouse district which is in proximity to the French Quarter. Now let me explain, I had not even come close to sobering up when I woke up Saturday morning, and I had started drinking almost immediately so by the time we arrived at tool bag’s apartment I had been considerably drunk for about 28 consecutive hours.

After drinking at tool bag’s apartment for a while the three of us leave and wander to Bourbon Street for the “experience.” We start wandering down the street and get a Hand Grenade (another special highly alcohol filled New Orleans drink, like the giant daiquiri). Bourbon Street is packed with people, crazy touchy people everywhere. I am kind of scared, very drunk and clinging to my friends and my hand grenade. We stop for a minute, and all of a sudden I feel something stomp on my foot. When I say stomp I mean STOMP it hurt sooooo bad. I start thinking “duuude, there is no way someone did that on accident, someone just stomped on my foot and I need to find out why.” So as I get over the initial pain I turn around with my arms out in my best pissed off pose and say “what is your problem” expecting to see some d-bag who stepped on my foot.

When I turned around it was not a person, in fact I had NO idea what it was. All I saw was a giant weird looking creatures face looking at me. I was beyond confused, and said quietly and intensely “WHAT ARE YOU??!!??” In a miraculous moment of clarity I realized it was a horse, not just a horse, a horse with a policeman on it. And I then realized my plan to push and/or confront whoever it was that stomped on me was not in fact a good plan. It was in fact a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plan, and I scurried away confused.

The next morning I was woken up by the scent of a full hand grenade (we must have gone back for seconds) and was never in such pain. Not only in pain from a hangover, but also the intense smell of midori, and the ginormous bruise on my foot.
I learned many valuable lessons that night:
1. Mardi Gras brings out my fightin’ side
2. Horses are to be feared, and I still fear and avoid them
3. I am certain the horse intended to step on me
4. You can actually get drunk enough to not be able to recognize the most basic of farm creatures
5. Never fall asleep cuddling with full hand grenade the smell is hands down the worst smell ever when hungover
6. Any time I start drinking before noon usually ends both simultaneously horribly and hilariously
7. Miss Jaco ended up being one of my best friends and this was far from our last or most epic drunken adventure.
and I think the most interesting part of this all is that this story does not surprise most people I know in the slightest, and this was only night two of my five day Mardi Gras bender.

This picture is of a stuffed horse I caught at my third, and likely final, Mardi Gras…I took it as a sign that life always comes full circle.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahhh the Swiss Maestro. Now if you thought my last post was gushing, strap in for this one, because nothing comes close to my love of the one and only Roger Federer. I could start listing all that he has done in tennis. He has already considered to be one of, if not the greatest of all time, won a billion grand slams, a gold metal (in doubles) in the Olympics, and won about 8 billion other titles. He went a good few years of his career being nearly unstoppable (except rarely by Rafa). Roger is going into the French Open with a chance to break Pete Sampras's record of grand slam titles, though lets face it Rafa will probably beat him as Clay has been Rogers one semi-weakness. However, Roger did just beat Rafa in the Madrid Masters, a competition on clay.
I have had much love for Roger for a long time, but it got out of control this year when wore this to Wimbledon...
Yes folks that is a monogrammed houndstooth cardigan made just for him by Nike, I don't think I have ever seen anything sexier (I have issues I know). Roger went on to lose Wimbledon last year in what was without a doubt one of the greatest matches in the history of tennis, and well the history of sports.
Roger was sad and crying a lot lately, last year was not his best year...see sad Roger
Lets put this into perspective...this was a bad year for Roger. 1 Grand Slam semi-final, 3 grand slam finals and one of which he won. Various other titles and a gold metal in doubles tennis in the Olympics all while he had Mono...and that was what people call a BAD year for him.
Can't put my finger on it, but this man is beyond perfect...maybe its the "greatest of all time" label maybe its the sophisticated arrogance, maybe its his still humble personality, maybe his eyes and perfectly wavy hair, maybe its the fact that he can play a 5 hour intense match and still look like he just walked out of the shower at the end...who knows.
As you see he also cleans up nice...and speaks about a billion languages.

In honor of the upcoming French Open I am doing a very special two part Monday Manmeat. This first post is about a young man you should all know well, Rafael Nadal. The current world #1, Olympic gold metal winner, reigning Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon winner. I could go on and on about his achievements but right now I am going to focus on his unbelievable left arm...
I mean look at that thing, it is ridiculous.
Rafa is young, Spanish and about as a-frickin-dorable as a man can be. He often looks sheepish, confused, seems to be a bit OCD, and never seems to stop moving but dont let his innocent looks fool you, when he gets on the court all he does is destroy...
Rafa is on a fast course to becoming the greatest player ever on the clay court, and has started his domination of the hard court as well as grass...
Mr. Nadal had some very interesting fashion choices on the court until recently. He used to wear very tight long shorts and sleeveless shirts, me and the women of planet earth thanked him for this (see above picture), but at the start of the Aussie Open Rafa decided he wanted a more grown up look and started wearing shirts with *gasp* Sleeves! I have not entirely forgiven him, but wish him luck on his quest to win his 10,000 French Open title. VAMOS RAFA!
See the sleeves are criminal, but at least he tries to make up for it by laying on the court in an adorkable manner. Oh and he is a big Real Madrid fan!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cover songs...

It has been requested that I write more about music and less about sports and animals. While I have no intention of writing less about sports and animals I will make more of an attempt to write about music. One of my favorite artists is Ryan Adams, and it just hit me how amazing of a job he does on cover songs. I am usually not a big fan of cover songs, but he does an absolutely brilliant job when he does one. There are three that come into mind: Down in a Hole (originally Alice in Chains), Wonderwall (originally Oasis), Always on my Mind (originally Willie Nelson).

Down in a Hole

I absolutely love the original version of this song, as well as Alice in Chains in general. But Ryan Adams cover of this song gives me chills. It is a bit of a depressing song, but a beautiful song. There is a lot of pain in it, as to be expected from Alice in Chains, and Ryan does an amazing job at capturing it. The song was on a little EP that came out a few years ago called "Follow the Lights" and I highly recommend. Also has a great version "If I am a Stranger" and a wonderful little song called "My Love for you is Real."


The original is by Oasis, as everyone and their mother knows. I love the original, and Oasis is also one of my favorite bands, I have listened to them for as long as I can remember. This is another cover that just gives me chills. Ryan's take on it is a bit different, but it is brilliant. The song is on Part 1 of the "Love is Hell" album. I remember this came out when I was living in London many years back, the (2) album(s) really really fit that time in my life. Whenever I hear this cover I think of a particular rainy day in early December wandering around the city a few days before I had to leave. I promised myself one day I would move back, and every time I hear this version of the song it reminds me of that promise.

Always on my Mind

I should start off by saying that I love Willie Nelson, and this is one of my favorite songs ever. I did not think Willie could be done justice in a cover, but once again Ryan nailed it. Sometimes I forget what an amazing love song this is. I don't have much else to say other than check it out! It is on "Jacksonville City Nights" which is one of my favorite Ryan Adams albums.

Well, well, well. The initial trauma of Chelsea's last minute loss to some idiot bald ref, I mean Barcelona, is starting to fade and I can think somewhat clearly again.

For those of you behind the times, my beloved boys in blue lost after a last minute goal by Andres Iniesta of Barcelona and were denied a spot in the Champions League final. I am not going to get into the controversy (there was plenty, and I am sure you know it all) but long story short Chelsea were denied many penalties they clearly should have received and by all means deserved to win the game. Most people did not want Chelsea in the final for many reasons. I am not just talking about footie fans who dislike Chelsea...I am talking about UEFA, FIFA, Commentators, Pundits and so on. I am not saying the match was fixed, I am just saying. I am sure some of the stuff I say will piss people off, even some Chelsea fans...this is not my aim, so if you have any questions about what I have to say, please let me know so I can clarify.

On one hand I am of course pissed off, but on the other at least this happened when playing a team like Barcelona. I know some people may be angry at me for saying this, but this years Barca squad does deserve to be in the final. I do not think they deserved to win the game last week by any means I think they were outplayed by Chelsea. I am just talking about this season as a whole, they have been playing some amazing football and I always assumed they would make it to the final (This was before I knew they had to go through Chelsea to get there). I of course wanted them to lose to Chelsea, and think how they got there was a disgrace (on the part of UEFA and the Ref) but if Chels were going to get screwed like they did at least it was a to a quality team. If this same thing happened against Man Utd or Liverpool I probably would have been vomiting after the game, well I still was pretty close after Iniesta's goal. It just would have seemed a lot worse against teams like that. Now I just hope Barcelona can go to the final and humiliate Man Utd, because as far as talent and class goes I think Barca is the superior team of the two. Chelsea deserve to be in the final, but if we were going to get screwed out of our rightful place at least it went to a worthy team. And in the end, I am still beyond proud of the boys for keeping Barcelona from playing like themselves for both legs, no matter what you think of Cheslea's tactics in the first leg. Also lets not forget just how beautiful Essien's goal was, I mean my god, it was amazing...but then again Essien is all around amazing, how could you expect anything else?

Now on to the players reactions. As I am sure everyone has seen Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba freaked out just a teensy bit, okay they freaked out a lot. I keep hearing from a lot of people how unprofessional it was and it was a disgrace they acted the way they did. I think that is just bulls***, they were just robbed of a spot in the final of one of the biggest tournaments of their life, and one in which they had some serious things to prove after the way it ended last year. Chelsea has had a tough season with instability because of manager drama and have been fighting with everything they have to stay in the CL and in the title race. This is a team of world class and passionate footballers and I do not blame them for how they reacted. Much of this criticism is coming from fans of a certain team in northern England *cough* ManEww *cough*, a team that has no frickin clue what is like to get screwed over because of horrible officiating because generally if a team is getting screwed over this team is the one benefiting. Sure some Man Utd fans will disagree, and I was making an unnecessarily broad statement, I am sure they have had some bad calls against them, but not to the extent most other teams have. Rafa Benitez may be a wack-job imo, but he made some valid points earlier this season. I think these certain fans of this certain team need to think before bashing Ballack and Drogba like they do, because if Man Utd had been in that situation (not like that would EVER happen) their players would have reacted the same way. Ronaldo throws a tizzy and goes to ground if a stiff breeze blows on him, and Rooney is not exactly the king of being Mr. calm and collected on the pitch...I could go on and on.

Here is the short version of my thoughts. 1) Chelsea got screwed, it sucks, made me cry...but if we were going to be screwed I would rather it be in favor of Barca than most teams. 2) Props to Ballack and Drogba (and the rest of the boys) nothing wrong with anyone's reactions. 3) That game made my love of Chelsea grow even more...if it was possible 4) I am pretty sure Andres Iniesta is actually Casper the friendly ghost...and needs to go away.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I figured it was about time I did a little post on my favorite Argentine footballer...Fernando Gago. For some reason I always talk about his cutie teammate Higuain, but never talk about my love Gago. Fernando is 23 from Argentina, started off at Boca Juniors and is now at Real Madrid and the NT of Argentina (who he won an Olympic gold metal with). Gago is a talented midfielder, but does struggle a bit with inconsistency.
Anyways I am not here to talk about his playing ability today, I am here to talk about his complete adorableness. Now I am not normally a fan of long hair and scruff, but he makes it work...SEE...
He looks cute when he is happy...
Annnd when he is sad...
And what really gets me...his eyes, just love this picture *sigh*
Pics are from and I suppose google, the internet? somewhere.

Okay, okay enough with the fangirl in sometimes comes out...
The title race has ended in La Liga, but I still love my Real Madrid boys...about a million times more after this season. Barca has not officially won yet but they will, I just hope they get held off a few more weeks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As some of you may recall a while back I had a bit of a battle with a little squirrel in my yard that kept getting into a bird feeder. Well here is an update on the little brat. First off I named him Ronnie. Because like his namesake, he is annoying, ballsy, way too full of himself, and unfortunately good at what he does. Though, unlike Human-Ronnie, he is not doing step-overs, scoring goals, taking off his shirt, rolling on the ground, and banging prostitutes-- Squirrel-Ronnie is master at breaking into the damn bird feeder.

The other day I see him in the bird feeder so I decide to scare him away. I go outside he jumps out and sits on the ground and looks at me. Not one to back down to a challenge I throw my shoe at him. Squirrel-Ronnie dodges it skillfully and proceeds to chirp at me. Afraid of the ballsy little thing, and my history of being attacked by wildlife, I run back in the house. I glare out the window, now it is really on.

The next day I decide this is going to end once and for all. I grab a roll of duct tape and I duct tape the hell out of that bird feeder. The birds can still get in but there is no way Squirrel-Ronnie can get in, right? WRONG! For a few days I watch him try with futile efforts to get into the feeder, and laugh as he fails. But then what do you know, I come home from work and the cover (still covered in duct tape) is laying on the ground and Squirrel-Ronnie is up in the tree chirping at me, mocking me.

I am not sure what my next move will be, but this war is far from over.

Here is an old pic of Squirrel-Ronnie in the feeder.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I have been making an effort to feature non-athlete manmeat for the past few weeks (since I write about hot athletes enough on this blog) but I figured I would bring it back to my footie world this Monday, with the one and only Jose Mourinho. He is the self proclaimed “special one,” and deserves that title for sure.

Mr. Jose is Portuguese, fantastic, and a champion. The former boss of FC Porto where he won the champions league. The former boss of Chelsea, and perhaps the future boss of the blues as well *fingers crossed* where he won back to back league titles and a handful of other trophies before Big Boss sacked him.

The special one is now doing his special thing at Inter in Italy where he pretty much has the Serie A locked up. There is no other manager like him, and he is the best in the world.

Shut up haters! Be Champions!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I guess I should start off by saying Barcelona is just pissing me off this week, and they need to go away or stop winning. They are not the only team who wants to win things, big meanies!!

Yesterday was just craptastic. The steamroller that is Barca beat my beloved boys in white about 65-2 in the el Classico. Now that Barca is seven points ahead (if I did my math right) with only a few games left they have all but put a little bow on La Liga. Oh well, it seemed from the beginning they were unstoppable and they proved to be. This season my love of Real Madrid grew immensely, it was amazing seeing them battle back in the title race they way they did. An 18 game unbeaten streak, it was incredible. It was not that they even played bad yesterday, Barca just brought a super-human A-game and showed just how good they could be. Xavi, Messi, Henry all had great games, and those are players you do not want to all have a great game on the same day.
The highlight of the game (for me) was without a doubt a goal from my favorite argie…okay second favorite argie…Gonzalo Higuain. And because it makes me smile I am adding a cute Gonzo pic

hehehe oh how I adore him.

On a happier note, Chelsea beat Fulham! And are getting ready for the second leg of the CL SF against..who else, that steamroller Barca. My boys in blue did the incredible last week and kept the blaugrana at 0-0 at the Camp Nou, which has been near impossible this season (in fact has not been done since the first game). Now the next leg is at the bridge, and I know the boys can take care of business. After watcing Barca almost obsessively out of fascination (and my not so secret lust for Xavi, Messi, and Pep) I know they can be beaten, and have a weak defense. Unlike San Iker Victor Valdez main skill in goal is to look pretty, and Barcas only decent defenders (Puyol and Marquez) are out so I know Didi and Nico can take care of business up front, and as the Chelsea defense showed last week they can keep that little fraggle/evil-muppet/cutie-pie Messi contained. I could go on and on right now about this game, but I wont right now.

That is about it for now. Expect some more ramblings and hopefully joyous screams after midweek European action!



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