Friday, March 6, 2009

Get on Your Shoes

Yay! It is finally warm enough to run. I have spent the whole winter stuck inside, barely being able to get in a walk a few days a week because it was too cold. Now it is warmish, and I have been running for the past three days. My distance is still okay, my time is horrible, but I don’t really care it just feels so nice to be back out running. Hopefully I will be back into decent shape soon. I think I am going to train for another marathon this summer, and hopefully won’t get injured again.

I really love running up here, I could definitely live up here for a long time, mainly just because it is perfect for distance running. I can leave my house go out on to an empty road surrounded by tons of pine trees and all around beautiful scenery and just run for miles. It is easy just to lose myself look around me and relax. Though knowing myself I am sure at some point I will actually get lost while running on some country road and be eaten by some sort of bear, mountain and/or bob cat, or maybe a horse. Still, it is a great feeling being able to just throw on my shoes and start running out the door and in a few minutes I feel like I am the only person in the world because I could go for an hour and see only one or two cars. One of my favorite things I have are my running shoes. They are getting pretty dirty but other than that are still in great shape. Sometimes it seems like the combo of them and a trusty iPod are all I need in the world.

Now I need to decide if I want to try and get up at 6:30 in the frickin morning to watch the Chelsea game. I miss my DVR sooooo much. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am going to spend mine on my couch watching football, golf, and basketball I can’t wait!

Songs of the day: 1) “Get on your Boots” U2 and 2)“Watch me Go” Girls Aloud
Why: Both are new additions to my running playlist and were awesome.


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