Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Manmeat vol.2

JACK BAUER! no no not Kiefer, this is all about the one and only Jack Bauer. As many know I have an obsession with 24 and anything said or done by this man. He is a family man, never waivers in his principles, hates terrorists, and looks damn sexy while doing all of the above.
Jack has quite the resume, former Delta Force, former CIA, former head of CTU, died and came back to life-- twice, saved the world from nuclear threat at least twice, been awesome a million times, excellent skills with a hacksaw, etc.

He can save the world on his own with the help of his trusty gun.
Jack does not trust many people, but he does trust his also sexy side-kick Tony Almeida
Jack is so secure in his manly manly manhood that he rocks a man bag and rocks it good.

Click for more information on Jack


Vanilla Bear said...

Jack Bauer is totally awesome and I get the hot thing like you - not as Keifer, only as Jack! Although I haven't watched 24 since like season 2 :(

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