Monday, April 6, 2009

El Hombre Arana

This has been a work in progress, trying to select the perfect pics. I know I have mentioned him on here a few times before, but I figured my dear readers need a proper introduction to the man who currently has my heart. There are many athletes I love-- Gago, Roger, Iker, Joey Cole, and a few others, but this man has a place above them all. His name is Camilo Villegas, he is 27, from Columbia, they call him “Spiderman,” and is a pro golfer. I could go on and on and on about his talent. Won a few events last year, had a few strong finishes already this season. Still quite young for a golfer, and tons of potential. Okay enough talk, because really pictures tell the story much better than I can.

He comes equipped with a South American accent, always matches his belt with his shoes, does not shy away from tight white pants (which he never, ever gets a spot on) and looks like this.
He is one of the fittest players on the tour, take a good look at those arms, they are hypnotic.

And if you wondered why they call him “spiderman” this is why. He seems to quite enjoy doing this, and I quite enjoy it when he does. Bendy bend, lawn crawler, bendy bend.
And throwing in this pic because I have a serious thing for guys who wear argyle.
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All in all he is a talented athlete, South American, and bendy, all qualities I quite like in a man. How about you, dear readers, what do you think? Oh and ladies, you can look but no touchy, he is all mine ;-)


LoveLamps said...

Well now I have to start watching golf again. There was a time, and a younger and hotter Sergio Garcia you remember it, when I watched the European tour highlights on the Golf Channel. It brought me such joy. Oh Golf. You're back. Thank you!

giggle pop said...

Sergio Garcia is still out there and looking fine. There are a few others as well. Really a great man candy alternative when there is no football on. Gets me through my Thursday and Friday.

Vanilla Bear said...

Ooh South Americans :D I have to say, he is reminding me a lot of Rafa in that red shirted pic Nicki! That's no bad thing! Overall though I think I'll keep Rafa and leave the Spiderman to you ;) said...

Wahey! Those forearms!
Hahaha - you like bendy as a quality in a man?
I guess all those footballers might not be able to compete with Camilo...
Well... except for Jens Lehmann - he's got some crazy yoga moves.

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