Friday, April 17, 2009

Things I see on the Road

As many of you know I live in the middle of frickin nowhere, and many of you also may know that one of my favorite activities is distance running. Living in the country has its down sides, but one major upside is endless deserted roads to run forever and ever on. While the road I live on has “highway” in the name, it is a damn road, and I run on it a lot. While running on my road I see lots of interesting things and I figured I would share a few of them with you.

Dashing Deer—this area is overrun with them, they are everywhere. I like them in my yard, at a distance, but not when I am out alone on the road. The other day two ran right in front of me, and when I say right in front of me I mean I could have reached out and touched them. If they ran out into the road about thirty seconds later I would have been crushed by a herd of deer, which would not be a surprising death for me. Another fun fact about me—I often get attacked by animals. To name a few instances…when I was younger a pig chewed on me, I got stalked and attacked by a baby ram at a petting zoo, and then there was that horse at Mardi Gras.

Creepy Corner—Recently I started getting more motivated and finally decided to run up the big hill at the end of the road and see what was up around the bend. Well I discovered that the bend is pretty damn creepy. The nice paved road turns to dirt, which is nice on the knees for running so I kept going. I discovered a “farm.” Well it looks like a farm, but all they seem to be growing on the farm is three or four cows and a crap load of rusty cars. This should have been m first signal to turn around, but running through creepy places at dusk is just too much fun so I kept going. Next up on creepy corner is a little shack/house that paint and everything else is falling off of. I am about 76% sure there are some lampshades in there made out of people.

Fernando the Fox—There is a spot on the road I hit in the middle of my run (usually around 6:30pm if you want to stalk me) and in that spot there is almost always a fox sitting there. I named him Fernando. Just so you know it is after Fernando Gago NOT Fernando Torres. Nothing too exciting about Fernando the Fox other than he is super duper cute and has not attacked me yet. It is not everyday you see a fox so I think he is pretty cool.

Cobra Kai—Yesterday morning I was dragging my fat lazy dog on a walk and I saw someone walking in the distance. I slowly got closer and realized this person was dressed in all white, and as I got even closer I realized it was a man. I thought it was odd to see a man dressed in all white, well in this area it is. While living in New Orleans I am sure I saw a few in all white linen or white suits. Anyways as he got closer I realized he was in a full karate outfit. Let me reiterate I live on a back country road, the closest thing that is not a bar is about ten miles away. I have no idea where he was going or why he was dressed like that. I was tempted to yell out “how’s it hanging Cobra Kai?” but I was worried he may roundhouse kick me in the face.

The other direction—I have only ran one direction from my house, some day I will venture the other direction. I have driven that way a bit and know the road forks. One fork leads to a place called “big timber” I have no idea what it is, but it has a fancy brown sign, so must be cool. I hope it is a giant tree. The other fork goes to the bar. Both pretty awesome destinations.

3 comments: said...

Hi Giggle Pop!
(or GP? or do you prefer your Kickette name?)

Sounds like this running route is filled with interesting stuff :D
Aww - Fernando the Fox - sounds cute!
(squints @ Gago's face) Yep, he could look a bit cheeky as a fox.

Yikes - please explain about 'that' horse at Mardi Gras?

giggle pop said...

1. Hi Blue!
2. You know never thought about it. Kickette name is my real name is maybe that. But any of those are just fine with me!
3. I think I may do a post some time next week...or this weekend if I get motivated...about my encounter with the mardi gras horse.

Vanilla Bear said...

Aw you should come and live in England if you like foxes - they're all over the place!

Btw this whole post cracked me up - I think men who like martial arts must be slightly odd. There was this one guy who used to walk past my old high school all the time dressed in a tracksuit doing random kicks and punches into thin air - we nicknamed him Kung Fu Guy and people still talk about him today, such was his legend! lolol!

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