Sunday, April 19, 2009

This weekend in sports

Real quick because I am lazy tonight.
Chelsea in teh FA cup final!!!! We beat Arsenal 2-1 on saturday and it was just plain awesome. I cannot comment too much on the game itself because i could not actually watch it, though did get great play by play from the blues babes in chat. We will be playing Everton who beat ManU on penalties today.
A few quick thoughts on the game, glad I missed the first 100 minutes or so, and got to see the best part, I am 94% certain Dimitar Berbatov actually is Count Chocula, Ben Foster is just too hot for his own good and should leave ManU imediately. and Tim Howard is the man! An all blue final!!

Real Madrid won, and played in the black kits and looked as hot as ever. Iker is finally sorted out his hair and is just wow. Marcello got the only goal of the game from a great pass from my boy Fernando Gago. Mmmmmm Gago. (sorry he makes my mind wander). Really Hot Madrid is still in the LaLiga title race and on an Epic 16 game unbeaten streak and I believe 15 of those were outright wins. However, Barca just does not want to lose. El Classico is in a few weeks eeeek!

Thats about it, there was some tennis and golf this weekend but nothing big. I did not get a chance to watch or look up results.


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