Sunday, April 5, 2009

This weekend in sports

Michigan State and North Carolina are in the final game. I am cheering for UNC

Sony Erickson Open was this week. I did not see any of it sadly. It was Djokovic and Murray in the final, neither of which I like. Murray won, which I would say is the much lesser of the two evils. Fed made it to the semi’s and I think Rafa went out in the quarters. Roddick did fairly well too

There is a tournament in Houston this week. It is in the final round, Fred Couples is winning as of right now, but it is still going on. I have been watching a bit, but there has been a disturbing lack of Camilo air-time, so my interest faded a bit. I think I am going to do a whole post dedicated to Mr. Villegas at some point this week, my love for him just keeps growing, and I have been bulking up (no pun intended) my photo collection of him so expect some spider man manliness this week. I did discover a newbie hottie. His names is James Nitties, I think this is his first year on the pro tour, he is 25ish, cute and Australian. According to NBC commentators lists “Clubbing” and “Women” as some of his interests, mmmm Aussie man-whore golfer, he gets my stamp of approval. The masters starts on Thursday, I am excited to see who gets the green jacket!! (btw I do know more about golf than I let on, I am just to lazy to write about anything of substance.)

Waaaahooo Chelsea and Real Madrid won!!!! Unfortunately so did Barca, ManU and Liverpool ugh ugh ugh.
Another great chat this week for the Chelsea game with some of the kickettes. The blues took on Newcastle who are temporarily being led by the adorable toon legend Alan Shearer. First half was pretty miserable, but the boys picked it up in the second half, won 2-0 and had a lot more chances. I was kind of sad to see Newcastle lose, I would really hate to see a club like that relegated, and would have maybe even cheered for a tie, because they are in a lot of danger this season, if Chels did not need the points so badly. Especially since I have now discovered Newcastle is full of dirty-hot players that are impossible not to like, and after seeing some of Shearers hilarious comments in post-match interviews. I think I may adopt them as my second EPL team that I cheer for if Chelsea is not on.
Champions League game against Liverpool this week. I would be lying if I said I was not nervous. Then again Blues are playing well, and Liverpool had to scrape out an injury time win against Fulham, granted they controlled most of the game. However, it was not any of that 15-0 bs they have been busting out lately. COME ON YOU BLUES!!

I have not watched the Real Madrid game yet, looks like the scraped out a 1-0 win over Malaga with a goal from Gonzo. Gol TV is finally showing the match later today. I missed most Serie A games because I was in church and running errands. Since this has been my first year really following the league, I am still team shopping in Serie A, I am hoping to have a final decision for the team I support by the end of the season.

Oh and I managed to poke myself in the eye with the palm leaf at church, and surprisingly this is the first time that has happened. Another example of my graceful nature.


LoveLamps said...

Already freaking out over the CL game this week, but you are right. Chelsea need to focus and they can come out of Anfield with a win. They CAN!

Real and black kits = heaven. Absolute heaven.

As for Serie A, I recommend Fiorentina. Adrian Mutu, purple kits and well I don't need anything other than Adrian Mutu but I'm sure there are some other hot guys on their team. I just get lost in Adrian Mutu. Always have. Of course, I cheer for Inter otherwise b/c the love for Jose will never die and because they have quite a few hotties too.

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