Thursday, April 9, 2009

Midweek in sports...and a rant

Okay I am going to begin this with a little rant. Unless you watch American football, and even then, ESPN has to be one of the worst sports networks on the planet. The powers that be should stop these idiots from getting the rights to ANY sporting event. I am not going to even begin to talk about their champions league coverage, all I can say is THANK-GOD Fox has the rights for next year and PLEASE do better, not that it would be hard.
I am sitting here 11:00 on the first day of the masters, and there is golf being played. Am I seeing ANY of it, NOOOO? Nope, ESPN thinks they should just replay sportscenter fifteen times and start showing the masters when the day is almost done at 2:00pm. OH they are also showing NFL live, ummm WTF didn’t throwball end months ago? ESPN has about 10 channels they could show it on, but nope ALL are replaying their crappy shows. I am currently getting all my updates on the leaderboard (ESPN is not even showing that!) on the golf channel. Btw I think the golf channel has great coverage, and if they had the rights to the first few days of the masters (like they do with most tournaments) I would be watching live golf right now. Sorry had to get that out. AM I wrong on this, or is ESPN the WORST sports network imaginable?

On to happier stuff—FOOTBALL!!
Arsenal drew with Villareal and ManU drew with Porto in the first legs of their champions league quarterfinals. Barca dominated Bayern 4-0, and now I am praying for a miraculous Bayern recovery in the next leg. On one hand the longer Barca stays in the CL the more tired they will be in La Liga and the better it is for Real Madrid. On the other hand I do not want Chelsea to have to face Barca in the next round of the CL, and well I am also cheering for Bayern for the prospect of a naked Luca Toni, mmmm.

But the real excitement?!?! CHELSEA beat Liverpool 3-1 ATTTTTT anfield. I get happy chills even saying it. Fernando Torres scored in the first 6 minutes, but then it was one way traffic from the Blues. Two headers from Ivanovic, I cannot describe my love of him right now. Didi put a pretty one in as well, and also had a few other nice chances. Captain JT got a bs yellow card, and since he had one from a previous game so he is out for the return leg at the Bridge. Ricardo Carvalho *sigh* should finally be back, so he can help hold down the back line, and Frankie will captain (I assume). I can’t say I won’t enjoy Frank Lampard in the armband. Anyways, it was a great performance from the boys in blue, and I am beyond proud of them. It has been a tough season and they deserved this!!

The masters started today. I have not seen any of it yet (see above). I am of course cheering for Camilo, I bet he looks good in green, and he is my favorite to watch. However, I think above all I am cheering for Sergio Garcia, I want to see him win a major one of these days, and am sad I have not been seeing much of him lately.
Oh and I recently found out the tour championship is being played in Minnesota!! I am working on getting tickets. If I do, Camilo, Sergio, Adam, etc…prepare to be ogled. Mmmmm.


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