Friday, April 3, 2009

Pipita *sigh*

I am having some serious love of Higuain lately. and I thought I would celebrate the return of La Liga this week and Real Madrid's final push at an epic come back in the title race with some love for my (second) favorite Argentine. I really hope he gets the call up soon for Argentina (especially after whatever the hell that was against Boliva this week). I really have nothing new to write about him right now. He is adorable, crazy talented, and way too young. One of the top scorers for Real Madrid this season, and I hope he adds a few more to his total tomorrow. Basically I just wanted an excuse to put of this scruffalicious picture of him.


and this cute one of him running with that adorable Javi...*double sigh*
both from


1 comments: said...

Oops - sorry - got a bit excited there... it's sad that he doesn't get called up much.

The boy's got some talent, Juande, recognise! (well - sheer power is something, right?)

Hmmm... scruffy Pipita.
Hope he'd score more cool goals this week :D

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