Sunday, May 3, 2009

I guess I should start off by saying Barcelona is just pissing me off this week, and they need to go away or stop winning. They are not the only team who wants to win things, big meanies!!

Yesterday was just craptastic. The steamroller that is Barca beat my beloved boys in white about 65-2 in the el Classico. Now that Barca is seven points ahead (if I did my math right) with only a few games left they have all but put a little bow on La Liga. Oh well, it seemed from the beginning they were unstoppable and they proved to be. This season my love of Real Madrid grew immensely, it was amazing seeing them battle back in the title race they way they did. An 18 game unbeaten streak, it was incredible. It was not that they even played bad yesterday, Barca just brought a super-human A-game and showed just how good they could be. Xavi, Messi, Henry all had great games, and those are players you do not want to all have a great game on the same day.
The highlight of the game (for me) was without a doubt a goal from my favorite argie…okay second favorite argie…Gonzalo Higuain. And because it makes me smile I am adding a cute Gonzo pic

hehehe oh how I adore him.

On a happier note, Chelsea beat Fulham! And are getting ready for the second leg of the CL SF against..who else, that steamroller Barca. My boys in blue did the incredible last week and kept the blaugrana at 0-0 at the Camp Nou, which has been near impossible this season (in fact has not been done since the first game). Now the next leg is at the bridge, and I know the boys can take care of business. After watcing Barca almost obsessively out of fascination (and my not so secret lust for Xavi, Messi, and Pep) I know they can be beaten, and have a weak defense. Unlike San Iker Victor Valdez main skill in goal is to look pretty, and Barcas only decent defenders (Puyol and Marquez) are out so I know Didi and Nico can take care of business up front, and as the Chelsea defense showed last week they can keep that little fraggle/evil-muppet/cutie-pie Messi contained. I could go on and on right now about this game, but I wont right now.

That is about it for now. Expect some more ramblings and hopefully joyous screams after midweek European action!



Vanilla Bear said...

Uuuuggggghhh Barcelona are just ANNOYING!

Yesterday was awful, so so awful, I can't even think of the words to describe - well done for being able to write a whole blog post on it! lol

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