Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Manmeat: Olive Oil

This weeks Monday Manmeat is the one and only Gigi Buffon. I admit, it has taken me years to develop a taste for this amazingly coiffed hunk of Italian Sausage, but oh man do I see it now. Quick facts…goal keeper for Juve and Italian NT and won a world cup…blah blah blah.

I have a near uncontrollable obsession with this mans hair. As you will notice in the following picture Canna seems to be memorized by it as well.

Another thing I cannot get enough of is this mans name, I can say it over and over again in various accents and never want to stop. Gianluigi Buffon, say it with me Gianluigi Buffon. A friend once said to me “he is so Italian he must sweat extra virgin olive oil.” Even with all of this, all of his sexiness is in the hair. Not to mention the fact that no matter how poor his fashion choices he always looks ALL MAN!
If you look closely in this picture, he is wearing bobby pins. The man wears barretts and I still want to jump him. Yes I did just actually say that and I stand behind it. He could have little pink butterflies on them and would still be more man than any man ever.

And in this picture he is carrying my favorite accessory, the manbag! I have expressed my love of the manbag on many occasions. I can say now with certainty, Gigi carries more manliness in the strap of his manbag than 99% of the male population could ever hope to have.

And in this last picture he is touching Iaquinta’s head (my other obscure obsession, Iaquinta’s head).

Gianluigi = sexiest of the sexy beasts


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