Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After weeks of endless prickles TSP was growing tired and timid. He was worried about his upcoming match against the USA.

His teammate Daahhhvveeed saw the worry on little TSP's face and decided to help him overcome his fears. Daahhhvveeed decided it was time to teach little teaspoon his secret weapon "the bitchface" Daahhhvveeed's bitchface was epic and known the world over. A few days before the game the lessons began.

The game was not going as planned, the USA was winning? it could not be, they were dominating the European Champions? oh they were. Now most of the USA boys are just wonderful, absolutely wonderful...except for one, the evil Landycakes. Landycakes had decided he had not filled his quota of douchbagary for the game and decided it pick on the little TSP. Landycakes attacked swiftly and shamelessly in a way that made even his teammates cringe.
After the attack the little teaspoon did not know what to do. He was feeling angry, but did not know how to retaliate. Should he prickle the evil Landycakes?? but no, the prickles were only for the ladies, the exclusive members of the TSP club.
What was TSP to do? Then like a sage, Daahhhvveeed appeared and said "its okay little teaspoon you are ready to fight on your own, just remember what I taught you."
And with that, TSP gave Landycakes the best bitchface he could. Landycakes may have won the game, but TSP won at life.


All pics from daylife


Erin said...

ROFL! Spectacular! Little TSP could ask for no better teachers of the bitchface than the Spanish National Team. ;)

Tres Bien said...

OMG You made me snort. "The Adventures of TSP" are quickly becoming classics to be read by kiddies everywhere!!

Lola said...

Too much epicness in one post. <3

Gina Villamelon said...

LOL, this is AH-MAY-ZING!
Dahveed bitchface + TSP bitchface = epic bitchface power. I almost feel bad for this Landycakes person. Almost.

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