Thursday, June 18, 2009


For as long as I can remember I was a big fan of French things. I have never been to France, been to a lot of countries, but have not made it there yet. I am not quite sure where this love comes from, maybe its my French roots. I love it all, the cheese, the bread, the wine, the men, the philosophers, the accents, the berets, the everything. They call people who love French things francofiles, and I call my obsession francophiliation. Here are some of the French things I love…

The Wine
I grew up in the wine business and have had a fascination with French wine long before I could drink it. I loved the names and learning how to say them. The labels are so simple yet fancy. As I grew up and began drinking wine and learning lots about it the French was always my favorite. My favorite region is Chatenuf du Papes as well as the rest of the Rhone. I want to learn my Burgundies and Bordeaux’s better, but that will have to wait until I have some money. I have sold wine for many years and doing it again while I search for a lawyer job.

The Cheese
I know my wine, and I also know my cheese. I worked in a few super fancy cheese shops and there are few things I love more than a good Tripple Crème brie or a Tomme.

The Bread
I not only love to eat this tasty bread covered in the above mentioned cheese. I also love to make dirty jokes about baguettes (see below).

The Men
Lashes Gourcuff mmm, Gilles Simone, Philippe Mexes, Titi, Gilles Marini, Zizou, Florent Malouda (when his hair is sorted), Marc Planus, Oliver Martinez to name a few.

Les Bleus
I will forever have a soft spot for the French NT. I was in Europe during the 2006 world cup and cheering for England as I always do. However after England’s exit I threw my crazy excited support in the direction of the motherland. I ended up going to Berlin to be there during the final (and had one of the craziest most awesomely amazing days of my life) and I was cheering on Les Bleus, I was all decked out in an knock off Henry kit (this resulted in many hot German men talking to me about Henry, I will forever be thankful to Titi for this) a French flag, face paint…the works. I was drunk painted a French flag on an Italian guys back (he thought I was painting an Italian one, his friend thought it was hilarious). Anyways, I will always cheer for Les Bleus after that day. Even though the game did not end well, did not end well at all.

The Philosophers
Camus, Sartre, Ricoeur, Rousseau, Malebranche, Montesquieu, Merleau-Ponty *note there are some notable names left off and that was very much on purpose

The accents and Berets
If I could ever marry or at least sleep with a man who talks like Pepe Le Pew I would be a happy happy woman. And berets are just awesome.



Lola said...

Exclusion of Descartes, Derrida and Foucault all deliberate?

b/c I sort of love you for exclusion of Descartes

Personally I wouldn't exclude Derrida and Foucault though, they are v interesting.

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