Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay so many things to write about from this weekend...and I will get to them eventually. Most of the day I have been a bit of a teary blubbering mess, and will get around to writing about the following eventually...

1. My Blues won the FA CUP!!! Soooo beyond proud of you boys
2. La Liga ended today :-( RM lost, but my pet team I wanted to avoid relegation (osasuna) stayed up.
3. Serie A ended today...Inter won, Yay! more on my Serie A adventure this season to come
4. Both Maldini and Figo played their last professional games today. So sad, both such amazing players.
5. Last but not least...Rafa was knocked out of the French Open today, by some sweedish punk whose name I wont even say. Happy roger has a real chance to get his career grand slam at last. But rafa, poor rafa, sooooo sad for him. Rafa IS roland garros.


chicnandia said...

I remember that day..It was so sad!!Our team losing the last game of a crappy season and then the news on Rafa!!It was all just so depressing!!

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