Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am working on some reflections on the whole season for Real Madrid…well one for each league so I will keep myself from getting too gushy here.

Okay well I am going to get a little gushy here, I finally just watched this weeks game and it was Canna’s last game at the Bernabeau. I am going to miss that Italian. Not only am I going to miss his adorable overly happy smile, perfect shiny head, and peach of an ass that I want to bounce things off of. I think he was our strongest defender and brought a lot of class and experience to our defense. I know he was getting a bit old, but I think had another season in him, but witth politics at the club he is on his way back to Juventus. Best of luck back in Italy, you know I will be watching you sex up the Serie A even more in the black and white. It has been a great few seasons and you will be missed. With Canna gone our back line got a lot more unreliable. Mr. Perez pleaaaase get us some new defenders, really really good ones! Also Real Madrid just lost a lot of hot, good thing they have more than enough to go around. Iker may just have to step it up a little.
On a random other note, I am pretty sure he tastes like pasta.
I like to imagine Iker is crying at Canna leaving in this last pic, but I think his nose just itched

I keep hearing all these rumors about transfers this summer, it is all part of being a Madridista. There is one that pisses me off though, I keep hear Higuain is out the door to make way for big names. Ummmm bad idea, little Pipita is our best/most reliable player this season! He did not show up in every game, but he did show up when it counted a hell of a lot more than ANYONE else on the team.
He is young and has a ton of potential. I cannot even put into words how much this adorable little argie has grown this season. I think he should be a starter this next season and then swap out Raul/Hunty/Ruud. Gonzo is a playmaker the others are strong finishers and I think that is the best combo. Granted I think if a striker is going to go it should be one of the later three. Of course you cannot sell Raul, he is a legend and lives and breaths Real Madrid and more iconic than the RM crest itself. So that leaves Hunty and Ruud. As much as I love Ruud he is getting up there in years and been out for a season, so I say get some money off of selling his name and trust in the remaining three for at least another season.
While a player like Villa would be great, they last thing our team needs is another striker. This season the boys had no problem scoring goals, they just let too many in. What I am getting at is there are two players on the team we cannot lose this summer and they are Gonzo and Iker. We all know Iker is not going anywhere, and I am pretty much ready to fight anyone who even jokes he should. It would be like me suggesting Frank Lampard and John Terry go to Madrid, it is just wrong and mean. So Mr. Perez hold onto to Pipita, and I am pretty sure he is happy as a clam in the white kit…so just don’t do something stupid like sell him. Oh and Maradonna when is he finally getting the NT call up he deserves?!?!

Real Madrid's front line of the future? Fine by me.

Much more on my thoughts on the season, the rest of the team, and potential summer transfers coming up in the next few weeks as I get over my initial end of the season depression.
All pictures from daylife


Vanilla Bear said...

That picture of Gonzo where his body is angled all cool-like: OH MY GOD! I just love it so much. I did read what you've written, honest, but that's all I can comment on haha!

Ok, quick agreement - Gonzo has been RM's best player all season by a long, long way. No one else comes close, it's been quite amazing really.

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