Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Manmeat: Rafa!!

In honor of the upcoming French Open I am doing a very special two part Monday Manmeat. This first post is about a young man you should all know well, Rafael Nadal. The current world #1, Olympic gold metal winner, reigning Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon winner. I could go on and on about his achievements but right now I am going to focus on his unbelievable left arm...
I mean look at that thing, it is ridiculous.
Rafa is young, Spanish and about as a-frickin-dorable as a man can be. He often looks sheepish, confused, seems to be a bit OCD, and never seems to stop moving but dont let his innocent looks fool you, when he gets on the court all he does is destroy...
Rafa is on a fast course to becoming the greatest player ever on the clay court, and has started his domination of the hard court as well as grass...
Mr. Nadal had some very interesting fashion choices on the court until recently. He used to wear very tight long shorts and sleeveless shirts, me and the women of planet earth thanked him for this (see above picture), but at the start of the Aussie Open Rafa decided he wanted a more grown up look and started wearing shirts with *gasp* Sleeves! I have not entirely forgiven him, but wish him luck on his quest to win his 10,000 French Open title. VAMOS RAFA!
See the sleeves are criminal, but at least he tries to make up for it by laying on the court in an adorkable manner. Oh and he is a big Real Madrid fan!


chicnandia said...

Awwww RAFA!!Always will be my #1!!!Love him behond words can tell!!

Vanilla Bear said...

RAFA! Omg I love him! But you already knew that :)

*Sighs* His arms do things to me..

giggle pop said...

His arms are magic...thus why I hate the sleeves...he needs to let those babies breath!

Misty Stiletto said...

Ahh Rafa, the things you do to me.

I was very against the sleeves, till I noticed how clingy the material of the shirt was. Ah-mazing.

Helps that he is BFF with Iker too. Connections are important.


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