Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, well, well. The initial trauma of Chelsea's last minute loss to some idiot bald ref, I mean Barcelona, is starting to fade and I can think somewhat clearly again.

For those of you behind the times, my beloved boys in blue lost after a last minute goal by Andres Iniesta of Barcelona and were denied a spot in the Champions League final. I am not going to get into the controversy (there was plenty, and I am sure you know it all) but long story short Chelsea were denied many penalties they clearly should have received and by all means deserved to win the game. Most people did not want Chelsea in the final for many reasons. I am not just talking about footie fans who dislike Chelsea...I am talking about UEFA, FIFA, Commentators, Pundits and so on. I am not saying the match was fixed, I am just saying. I am sure some of the stuff I say will piss people off, even some Chelsea fans...this is not my aim, so if you have any questions about what I have to say, please let me know so I can clarify.

On one hand I am of course pissed off, but on the other at least this happened when playing a team like Barcelona. I know some people may be angry at me for saying this, but this years Barca squad does deserve to be in the final. I do not think they deserved to win the game last week by any means I think they were outplayed by Chelsea. I am just talking about this season as a whole, they have been playing some amazing football and I always assumed they would make it to the final (This was before I knew they had to go through Chelsea to get there). I of course wanted them to lose to Chelsea, and think how they got there was a disgrace (on the part of UEFA and the Ref) but if Chels were going to get screwed like they did at least it was a to a quality team. If this same thing happened against Man Utd or Liverpool I probably would have been vomiting after the game, well I still was pretty close after Iniesta's goal. It just would have seemed a lot worse against teams like that. Now I just hope Barcelona can go to the final and humiliate Man Utd, because as far as talent and class goes I think Barca is the superior team of the two. Chelsea deserve to be in the final, but if we were going to get screwed out of our rightful place at least it went to a worthy team. And in the end, I am still beyond proud of the boys for keeping Barcelona from playing like themselves for both legs, no matter what you think of Cheslea's tactics in the first leg. Also lets not forget just how beautiful Essien's goal was, I mean my god, it was amazing...but then again Essien is all around amazing, how could you expect anything else?

Now on to the players reactions. As I am sure everyone has seen Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba freaked out just a teensy bit, okay they freaked out a lot. I keep hearing from a lot of people how unprofessional it was and it was a disgrace they acted the way they did. I think that is just bulls***, they were just robbed of a spot in the final of one of the biggest tournaments of their life, and one in which they had some serious things to prove after the way it ended last year. Chelsea has had a tough season with instability because of manager drama and have been fighting with everything they have to stay in the CL and in the title race. This is a team of world class and passionate footballers and I do not blame them for how they reacted. Much of this criticism is coming from fans of a certain team in northern England *cough* ManEww *cough*, a team that has no frickin clue what is like to get screwed over because of horrible officiating because generally if a team is getting screwed over this team is the one benefiting. Sure some Man Utd fans will disagree, and I was making an unnecessarily broad statement, I am sure they have had some bad calls against them, but not to the extent most other teams have. Rafa Benitez may be a wack-job imo, but he made some valid points earlier this season. I think these certain fans of this certain team need to think before bashing Ballack and Drogba like they do, because if Man Utd had been in that situation (not like that would EVER happen) their players would have reacted the same way. Ronaldo throws a tizzy and goes to ground if a stiff breeze blows on him, and Rooney is not exactly the king of being Mr. calm and collected on the pitch...I could go on and on.

Here is the short version of my thoughts. 1) Chelsea got screwed, it sucks, made me cry...but if we were going to be screwed I would rather it be in favor of Barca than most teams. 2) Props to Ballack and Drogba (and the rest of the boys) nothing wrong with anyone's reactions. 3) That game made my love of Chelsea grow even more...if it was possible 4) I am pretty sure Andres Iniesta is actually Casper the friendly ghost...and needs to go away.

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TwistedThursday said...

Hmm... I haven't said anything about last Wednesday on my blog. After reading this, maybe I should. Just to get a few things off my chest.

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